Monday, September 2, 2013

SRS Heritage Center Coming to downtown Aiken!    
A donor has promised a building in downtown Aiken to be adapted for use as the SRS Heritage Center. The Foundation is moving rapidly to obtain funding required to adapt the building and equip it with exhibits as soon as it becomes available. The Foundation has joined the “Aiken Together" campaign to raise money for capital improvements at the facility once it becomes available. The campaign is designed to raise $2.9 million from individual and business donations pledged over a 5-year period and will be divided between the SRS Heritage Center and two other Aiken museums. No public money will be solicited. The Foundation obtained preliminary design of potential exhibits from Lord-Aeck-Sargent of Atlanta and last year and commissioned additional preliminary designs and cost estimates from The History Workshop of Charleston. An artist’s rendition of a proposed reactor control room is shown. The downtown Aiken location for the SRS Heritage Center does not preclude the option of locating another facility at the Savannah River Site.