Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preserving the SRS 'GEM'--Well into the Future

We were thrilled by the results of the 60 Years of Environmental Science at SRS Celebration, sponsored by the Foundation, at the USCA Etherredge Center on August 20, 2011. A reunion of SRS environmental scientists and researchers from the past 60 years was enjoyed by about 30 people on Friday evening at the SREL Conference Center. On Saturday, 105 people were in the audience at 9:00 am for the beginning of the symposium, with many more dropping in for specific talks. Approximately 75 attendees stayed to the closing at 3:00 pm. Meanwhile, about 200 visitors visited the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center to interact with the turtles, snakes and raptors. Audience reaction to the Celebration was solidly enthusiastic. The Aiken Standard did an excellent article in their Sunday newspaper the following day (if you missed it, there's a copy in the notebook in the Foundation office).

The taped recording of the Celebration and personal videos recorded during lunch will enable the SRS Heritage Foundation to continue publicizing environmental science in coming years. Thus, the impact of the Celebration will persist well into the future.