Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Displaced" Named "Best Southern Feature"

The "Displaced" video was recognized as the "Best Southern Feature" at the Southern Appalachian International Film Festival in Greenville, TN. Mr. Mark Albertin, of Scrapbook Video Productions, producer of the video for the SRS Heritage Foundation, will be in Greenville November 13 to attend the screening and to receive this prestigious award.

Monday, September 27, 2010

All Day Neutrino Celebration

The Neutrino Celebration on August 27 was an all-day event hosted by the SRS Heritage Foundation to celebrate the historic discovery of the neutrino and recognize the Nobel prize. . .the only Nobel prize in science awarded for work done in South Carolina. The confirmation of the neutrino at the Savannah River Site P Reactor by a team from Los Alamos, headed by Dr. Fred Reines and Dr. Clyde Cowan, was one of the most significant for modern physics. The neutrino, a sub-atomic particle, was calculated to exist by Wolfgang Pauli in 1931 and named “neutrino. . .little neutron” by the Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi. The Reines-Cowan team, dubbed the “Poltergeist Project”, persisted until their quest for the elusive neutrino was confirmed in 1956. Unfortunately, Dr. Cowan died in 1974 but Dr. Reines was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1995.

A replica of the plaque presented to SRS by the Atomic Energy Commission to commemorate confirmation of the neutrino was unveiled during a ceremony in front of the Chamber of Commerce at 10 am. The event was attended by about 50 guests to include the two daughters of the late Dr. Cowan, who came to Aiken to be a part of the celebration. A state historical marker was also unveiled during the morning activities. The marker is located in front of the Chamber building. One side commemorates “The Detection of the Neutrino, 1956” while the second side commemorates “The Nobel Prize in Physics, 1995”.

A film lecture made by Dr. Cowan at the U.S. Naval Academy shortly before his death opened a series of presentations moderated by Dr. Lester Welch at the Etherredge Center at 1 pm. A panel discussion chaired by Dr. Henry Gurr included participants in the neutrino experiment who shared reminiscences and anecdotes from the past. The program concluded with two presentations “Neutrino in Astrophysics” by Dr. Frank Avignone and “Neutrino Research Using Accelerators” by Dr. Sanjib Mishra, both of USC Columbia. The audience of about 60 enjoyed the presentations, exhibits and light refreshments.

To conclude the day’s activities, the CNTA, one of the co-sponsors of the Neutrino Celebration, hosted a dinner at Newberry Hall at 6:30 pm. Dr. John Palms, Distinguished President Emeritus of USC, was the featured speaker. Other co-sponsors were the University of South Carolina Aiken and the American Nuclear Society in conjunction with the 175th Anniversary of Aiken.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Neurino Celebration!

Tickets are now available on TIX On-Line! Visit their website at and click on the Neutrino Celebration link on the homepage or visit here for the Neutrino Celebration's page directly. Purchase your tickets now for August 27! You don't want to miss this event!

Monday, July 26, 2010

SRS Curation Facility Progress

The SRS Curation Facility in Building 315-M is making progress! Check out these photos of the undergoing work!

All Moved In!

Our helpful movers added the last necessary additions to our office and we are open for business! Come visit us in the Chamber of Commerce to check out our beautiful new office!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're Moving!

The SRS Heritage Foundation is ecstatic to announce their new office in the Aiken Chamber of Commerce. Our new office phone number is (803)226-0116 and our mailing address is P.O. Box 2226 Aiken, SC 29802. Here is the article from the Aiken Chamber of Commcerce's website, which can be found here:
The Aiken Chamber will soon be home to the SRS Heritage Foundation. The organization has leased an office at the Chamber while it searches for a permanent downtown location. It plans to be set up and ready for business in early July. "We're excited and very pleased that the move all worked out and that the Chamber was willing to work with us on this," said Walt Joseph, executive director of the SRS Heritage Foundation. "The move is a major step forward for us. We are a new organization, and this gives us an opportunity to grow into our purpose of telling the story of the Savannah River Site (SRS)," said Joseph, a retired mechanical engineer with 39 years of service at the site.

The organization has been seeking a downtown location, so it can be part of the Heritage Corridor in the downtown area. The Chamber location will put it close to the Aiken Train Depot and the Center for African American History, Art and Culture. "We now have visibility, which is so important to our goals," said Mal McKibben, chair of the SRS Heritage Foundation Board, and former executive director of Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness (CNTA). "David (Jameson) has been so helpful, and we look forward to moving into the Chamber," said McKibben, a retired nuclear chemist who began at SRS with DuPont in 1955.

"Having the SRS Heritage Foundation here at the Chamber seemed like a perfect fit. We want to support their efforts and give them the exposure they need," said J. David Jameson, president of the Aiken Chamber. The location at 121 Richland Avenue, East will undoubtedly help the non-profit organization as it works to record retirees' oral history of SRS, to network with the community, to organize exhibits, to grow its membership, and to seek funding sources for future projects.

Again, our location is at 121 Richland Avenue in Aiken, SC at the Aiken Chamber of Commerce!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome to Facebook!

The SRS Heritage Foundation has now joined Facebook! Become a fan of our page here!

Neutrino Celebration

Visit the Neutrino Celebration Website for the scheduled events for August 27, 2010. Online registration for the exciting day will be coming soon!

Monday, June 21, 2010


The Foundation is planning a series of events August 27th to celebrate the detection of the elusive neutrino. The neutrino celebration will recognize the historical importance of experiments at P Reactor in 1956 that resulted in a Nobel Prize in Physics for Dr. Frederick Reines. The neutrino celebration will be part of the Aiken 175th anniversary celebration. Stay tuned for the exciting details.

Ellenton Heritage Trail Update

A major step toward the Foundation goal of conducting guided tours through the former community of Ellenton was achieved recently when the Site Use Permit for the Ellenton Heritage Trail was approved. Approval of the Site Use Permit is the final requirement before proceeding with the lease agreement for the Trail.
The contract for completion of the SRS Curation Facility has been awarded and the job site is humming. This work will finish adapting Building 315-M to meet national standards for preservation and curation of historic artifacts and will meet a key goal of the SRS Cultural Resources Management Plan. Turnover of the 27,000 square foot building is planned for shortly after January 1, 2011. The Curation Facility will house both the SRS Cold War Artifact Collection and collections of the Savannah River Archeological Research Program