Monday, June 21, 2010


The Foundation is planning a series of events August 27th to celebrate the detection of the elusive neutrino. The neutrino celebration will recognize the historical importance of experiments at P Reactor in 1956 that resulted in a Nobel Prize in Physics for Dr. Frederick Reines. The neutrino celebration will be part of the Aiken 175th anniversary celebration. Stay tuned for the exciting details.

Ellenton Heritage Trail Update

A major step toward the Foundation goal of conducting guided tours through the former community of Ellenton was achieved recently when the Site Use Permit for the Ellenton Heritage Trail was approved. Approval of the Site Use Permit is the final requirement before proceeding with the lease agreement for the Trail.
The contract for completion of the SRS Curation Facility has been awarded and the job site is humming. This work will finish adapting Building 315-M to meet national standards for preservation and curation of historic artifacts and will meet a key goal of the SRS Cultural Resources Management Plan. Turnover of the 27,000 square foot building is planned for shortly after January 1, 2011. The Curation Facility will house both the SRS Cold War Artifact Collection and collections of the Savannah River Archeological Research Program